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February 17th, 2015 – SD44 Board Meeting

From Tuesday nights North Van School Trustee meeting. I’ve had the videos ready to post for day now but haven’t had time to write up any commentary. (ok, I just wrote up some commentary, I’ll edit for grammar and spelling on another day.) I’ve decided to just post them to get the information out there. I’ve split the videos into the agenda item parts so you can go right to the part which interests you. The budget vote had many good questions from Trustees and is a great place to start to get a better idea of where the money goes, many good questions asked about the teachers strike and the provincial claw back of funds.

Field Hockey Academy

The field hockey academy was approved for a very small cohort. Enrollment will be by lottery, many more applications are expected than they have room for. I believe the program will grow in future years if there is enough interest and sufficient resources to manage all the interest.

Policy Updates

The next three videos are about policy updates, banning e-smoking and increased support for medical assistance by teachers.

Policy 101

Policy 303

Policy 804

Breach of In Camera

Well worth watching this video regarding in camera meetings and the leak with regards to Superintendent John Lewis’ change in employment. The Board had some advice or training regarding meetings. During the training they heard a leak indicates a problem with the process during the meetings and at least one Trustee (and I believe more were supportive) spoke about the desire to address the process. Better, more democratic meetings in which all Trustee voices are heard and respected, and all concerns sufficiently addressed would be a benefit to the entire North Vancouver school system.

Lucas Center and Cloverly

Trustees voted to request the removal of Lucas Centre and Cloverly from the special study areas of the OCP. This will be a cost savings to the School Board as they city would have charged for part of the service. This is seen by many as a first step in addressing the “school board land sales” issue that came up during the election. The new board seems to be changing direction from selling lands to finding community uses for those lands.