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Shane Nelson

Web Development & Programming for Small Businesses

Rampant Cheating at Upwork

Tests are used by upwork freelancers as a way to stand out. Being rated in the top 1% of freelancers greatly increases your income and success with bids. I was working on another project, researching keywords, and decided to look to see which freelance site gets the... read more

Home Automation on Autopilot

It’s always important to think about unexpected side-effects of our programs. Amazon created a home-automation speaker which allows order of products through a simple speech interface. “Alexa please order me a pencil set.” It’s very simple and... read more

Real world find usage

This great resource disappeared from the Internet years ago. I still refer to it often via the wayback machine and have reproduced the data here for easy usage. The original URL was at wagoneers: real world FIND usage... read more

Web Copywriting

Wiebe has collected all the best copywriting formulas on her site. Looking forward to testing out some of these formulas. read more

How to Launch an Ebook

Last night I went to a marketing talk called “How I Made $342k in 6 Months From ONE Ebook.” The speaker, Sujan Patel, wrote the book 100 Days of Growth. He released the book last year. I thought the tips from the talk may be useful to this group. The... read more

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