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Last night I went to a marketing talk called “How I Made $342k in 6 Months From ONE Ebook.” The speaker, Sujan Patel, wrote the book 100 Days of Growth.

He released the book last year.

I thought the tips from the talk may be useful to this group.

The profit breakdown was roughly:

  • $119,000 from book sales
  • $198,000 from consulting
  • $25,000 from speaking engagements.

A quick overview of how he marketed the book:

  • He sold 500 copies before writing the book!
  • He first researched possible topics, using MarketWords (amazon) and Google Keyword tool to find a topic he was familiar with, had lots of searching, and little competition.
  • Once he found the topic (growth hacking) he created a quick landing page for the book. The only cost was $1.00 stock photo and a monthly landing page monkey type of site.
  • He made a list of influencers (bloggers, twitter users and question/answer websites) in the industry.
  • He set himself some marketing goals (from memory):
  • Guest post on 25 blogs
  • Answer 1-2 related questions on Quora per day.
  • Be interviewed on 25 podcasts
  • Write several blog posts for his own blog
  • As traffic started coming in for pre-sales, he A/B tested the landing page to improve conversions. Once the landing page was converting well and he had pre-sold a few thousand worth of books, he hired a designer to build a site based off the working landing page.
  • Once the goal of 500 pre-sales we complete him and his co-writer wrote the book.